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Links to other sites are provided on the understanding that the officers and committee of GDRS accept no responsibility for the content, views or opinions that may be expressed within them.

The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).  Firstly, our national society.

Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL)  The American National society.

I1WQR  Lots of aerial information here.

A must for all serious minded Vintage Wireless enthusiasts.  Web Site is run by the The Vintage Technology Centre incorporating 'On The Air Ltd.' As the name implies this site is a professional one, nevertheless its contents are regularly updated and easily sorted for seeing what is what and what may be available from time to time. The coloured pictures of various vintage wireless and other goodies are well worth while for identification purposes or pure nostalgia.  An interesting magazine called 'Air Waves' is published bi-monthly for a modest subscription and in my opinion very useful for valuation purposes.

 A great site for keeping in touch with what the sun is doing has current data on sunspot activity and links to pages with pictures from SOHO the orbiting solar observatory hardware. Well worth a visit if you have any interest in how solar activity effects the earth  and users of the electromagnetic spectrum in general.

Discover Circuits: a collection of more than 6000 electronic circuits and schematics in 550 categories.  Circuits and/or links added regularly.  Complied by David A. Johnson, P.E.

Sycom Components A local component and equipment supplier in Leatherhead.

Barend Hendriksen HF Elektronica BV, The Netherlands Not quite so local but thay have a comprehensive catalog of components. Circuits galore. Contains a lot of information for RF/Analog circuit design. Home of the Electronic QSL Card.

Flight Refuelling Amateur Radio Society, FRARS.  FRARS will be a name known to many as it has been around quite a while.  We are happy to provide this link to their website which really is worth a good look. is A USA based Ham radio site that has some useful equipment reviews. Is another general purpose Ham Radio web site that has lots for all. Helps with converting just about anything to anything else.

GDRS Members site Simon G0SJH.  A nice example of what you can achieve with a bit of patience.

The virtual Valve Museum

Our friends in Freiburg have their own website now. All in German but worth a look. Mind-numbing because of it's size, yet exciting because of its content, this new site includes just about everything in the Marconi Company archives covering the first 50 years of radio.  Press reports, sound and movie clips, documents and photographs fact a total of 10,000 pages are available.  Excellent search and index facilities. A feast of early radio technology and the personalities involved.

A useful link this to the home of Practical Wireless and Short Wave Magazines.   HF propagation information, solar indices and flux, real-time aurora  plots, and world MUFs as contour much more. Most updated every few minutes!

Northern California DC Foundation Full information, locations, time slots and frequencies of the Northern California DX Federation/IARU world-wide synchronised chain of HF beacons.  Search the Buckmaster World Callbook for addresses, QSL info and much more. Check your own entry and edit it on-line!  Callbook searching plus a whole world of Amateur Radio information and services. You've got to see it to believe it!

IARU Web site

IARU Region 1 Web site

Radio Society of Great Britain UK 6 Metre group. Dubus Magazine + very interesting amateur radio software + many other links. Amsat UK, all the very latest from the satellite world inc AO.40.  Elecraft sell a DIY HF Transceiver kit which has a receiver second to none.

Unit Converter  Web site that allows the conversion of allsorts to allsorts.

AC6V Link page More amateur radio links here than you can shake a stick at.

Computer morse tutors Versions to run on a multitude of operating systems.

American QRP club Lots of interesting QRP information and projects.

The DK5YA VHF Page As the title says.

The No Frills Technical Links Page As the title says. German aerial parts supplier. A rather neat overlay for Google maps that shows the Maidenhead QRA Locator information. 

Articles & Hints by AD5X  Lots of technical info about a lot of stuff. Crystal radios galore.

Microphone Connections.  Microphone connections of the world.