This page is a list of technical articles which might be useful as reference material


  • Foundation and Intermediate training

  • The Harrow Radio Club Intermedaite training on Youtube:

  1. Introduction
  2. Licence regulations
  3. Technical aspects
  4. Receivers
  5. Transmitters
  6. Antennas and feeders
  7. Propagation
  8. EMC
  9. Operating
  10. Safety
  11. Measurements
  12. Revision and exam technique
  • BRATS training resources

  • Chelmsford Amateur Radio SocietyTraining resources



Full (Advanced)

  • CDARC – Cambridge and DIstrict Amateur Radio Club – YouTube video

  • Electronics tutorials

  • Lockdown Morse

  • Training Aids
    This is and app for apple iPhone etc. with mock exam qustions/li>

UK Amateur Radio Mock Tests